Sept 17th – 18th 2022

Gregor Maehle Yoga Workshop in Barcelona 2022

❤️ Join us in Barcelona for a very special workshop with world-renowned yoga teacher and author, Gregor Maehle. This is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the practice of Bhakti Yoga and learn how to open your heart and connect with your authentic self.

Gregor Maehle workshop at sarria yoga

2 days program

Gregor Maehle master class in barcelona

4 Master Classes

Saturday, Sept 17th

9 am – 11 am Pranayama

11 am – 13 pm Bhakti

Sunday, Sept 18th

9 am – 11 am Pranayama

11 am – 13 pm Mudras

Practitioners from all spiritual traditions welcome

Gregor Maehle Trikonasana


Pranayama includes some of the most neglected but yet most powerful methods of yoga.  Learn how to use pranayama to harmonize the doshas and thus attain a state of health and balance as well as how to still the mind, enabling spiritual insight. 

gregor-Uttpluthi Sarria yoga


Bhakti is the yoga of divine love. In this workshop we will establish a definition of what the Divine is and what it is not. The Divine will be shown to promote intensity, creativity, novelty and co-creation with all life forms. 


Sarrià Yoga
Maha Ma Yoga

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Gregor Maehle spain

About Gregor

Gregor Maehle began his practice of Raja Yoga in 1978 and added Hatha Yoga a few years later. In the mid-1980s he commenced annual travels to India, where he studied with various yogic and tantric masters, traditional Indian sadhus and ascetics.

After practising with BKS Iyengar he spent fourteen months in Mysuru, and in 1997 was authorised to teach Ashtanga Yoga by K. Pattabhi Jois.

In India Gregor also received eight months of mostly one-on-one instruction in scripture and the higher limbs of Yoga through B.N.S. Iyengar, a student of T. Krishnamacharya.

He also studied Sanskrit under Professor Narayanachar and Dr Chandrasekhar. He lived for several years as a recluse, studying Sanskrit and yogic scripture and practising yogic techniques.

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